First Pinup

Photographed 10/12/2008
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: J.B.

I met J.B. (I don't use her full name due to the issues I will discuss below.) at a show called Self Inflicted. She has one of those faces you want to photograph as soon as you see it. She's just adorable.

This was a first for both of us. A pinup style shoot. She was living that lifestyle, so from her side, she was ready. The question was whether I could hold up my end of the bargain.

She knew what she was getting in the deal, and the only cost to her was some time. We shot this in my living room in Burbank, CA because I had not yet built my home studio. I used my magic red backdrop for a good portion of the session. I felt like I did pretty good for a first timer.

Initially, the shots were well received, and used extensively for her self promotion. She had some of them edited by a third party, then placed on flyers for shows she was doing. She printed and sold posters, much to my surprise. She got a lot of use out of my images of her.

Then, she met another photographer. As soon as that happened, suddenly my images were not good enough. Despite her using them extensively, she wanted me to stop dispaying them on my MySpace and Facebook sites. She complained that the seat I had her use was ugly, which it probably was, and she just didn't want me using them. I agreed to take them down.

Then I got mad. After talking to a friend about it, he pointed out how she was still using the images and selling them without my permission. There was definitely a lack of fair play involved. I approached her about it, and this is where things went pear shaped.

She reacted poorly to my confrontational approach (Big surprise right?), and she made a rude comment about my photography skills. I responded with a smartass comment about my ability to improve vs. her ability to stay young and pretty. Basically, we were both assholes to each other, and to this day I regret it.

Things calmed down a bit and we came to an agreement. Any images she had used were fair game for me to continue using. So what you are seeing below are those images. I'd like to share more, and I probably will at some point because we have both moved way beyond those days.

She has made a bit of a name for herself in acting, and I have enjoyed seeing her success. I wish we were still friends, and perhaps we will be again someday. In the meantime, I will enjoy the happy memory of this day in October when we both did our first pinup session.

I love these images, I think she is gorgeous in these shots.

Enjoy the images below.