Forney Transportation Museum

Photographed 6/02/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I took a job earlier this year with Forney Industries in Fort Collins, CO. Forney has a museum in Denver, CO focused on transportation. I am also a member of the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club. They recently announced that they wanted to arrange a visit to the museum for a photo shoot. I figured that as a Forney employee, I might be able to facilitate that visit, so I volunteered to set it up. Yeah, not so easy.

I started by emailing the Director of the museum. Never got a response. So I called and asked for him, left messages, and never heard a word. Seemed weird to me. I know I was trading on my status as an employee, but I was not asking for freebies, just permission. Then I stumbled on a gentlman named Jim Peterson who volunteeers at the museum and he got it done. We worked out the details, and on June 2nd, the FCDCC arrived at 8 AM to shoot.

Since we were able to enter 2 hours early, we had the run of the place. The coolest part being entry into the engine cabin of The Big Boy, a massive 110 foot long train engine. So cool! The group was very respectful of the place and I think everyone got a bunch of good shots. Sadly, I was still sick so I was not on my A game. I like the shots I got, but I wasn't really feeling it, so I didn't take as many pictures as I could. I didn't feel very creative.

All in all, I think the group had a good time, and I believe we are welcome back at some future date. I look forward to visiting this great museum again!

Enjoy the images below.